Analysis Of Stock Prices Movement of Pharmaceutical Companies Listed on The Indonesian Stock Exchange Before and During a Pandemic (2019 - 2020)


  • Adi Bayu Sagara ,Fitria Friga Damayanti ,Novi Pramesti ,Riska Mawarni ,Lilis Nuriati Safrilla Simanjuntak ,Yoga Tantular Rachman


stock price, pharmaceutical sector, company


The purpose of this study is to analyze how the condition of the stock price of Companies in the Pharmaceutical Sector listed on the stock exchange before and during covid 19 (2019-2020). This Research method uses descriptive research with a quantitative approach, and the method of purposive sampling in taking the sample so obtained 9 companies that meet the criteria that have been determined from a total of 12 populations of a company in the pharmaceutical sector which are listed in BEI. The type and source of data used in this research is secondary data, obtained from the web This study contains the results of the analysis chart of stock price movements with the use of moving average 20, 50, 100 and Tables by using the close price for the average of any month on any company for 2 years i.e., 2019 and 2020. The results of this study show that the movement of the stock price on the 2019 show buy and sell signals are stable although there are some conditions where the shares of each company is experiencing an uptrend or a downtrend but the decline and rise in the year 2019 still difase reasonable because it is not too significant, but when the pandemic covid-19 (2020) the average movement of the stock prices of companies in the pharmaceutical sector the beginning to the end of the year from 9 companies in the pharmaceutical sector are all increased due to an increase in demand for products in the field of health is very influential, both on the revenue and profit of the company itself or increase in investor interest in shares of the pharmaceutical sector.