A Structural Model of Volcano Tourists' Revisit Intention: A Study at Tangkuban Perahu Nature Reserve and Nature Tourism Park


  • Usep Suhud ,Mamoon Allan ,Rizki Rizki ,Ramdhan Kurniawan


volcano tourism, tourism managers, Tangkuban Perahu


This main purpose of this study to measure the factors that affect tourist intention to revisit Tangkuban Perahu National Park in West Java Province, Indonesia. The quantitative approach has been used in this study. Thus, there are four predictors used, including destination image, perceived value, and tourist satisfaction. Data were collected at these destinations, and participants were selected using the convenient sampling method. Two hundred visitors participated in the survey. The data were analysed to demonstrate the results of data validation and data reliability tests. A structural equation model was used to test the hypotheses. In total, this study tested six hypotheses, and all of them were significant. This study's findings would help the policy-makers, planners, marketers, and tourism managers better understand the volcano tourism experiences.