Education Curriculum Reform in Higher Education Through Evaluation Measures (Case Study of Research and Development of Teaching Material for Scientific Writing Courses at Iain Sultan Amai Gorontalo)


  • Muhammad Arif ,Yuwin R. Saleh ,Yanty K. Manoppo ,Harni Jusuf ,Enni Akhmad ,Munirah


graphic design, linguistic elements, teaching material standards


There are four components that are assessed as feasible, namely the content or material of teaching materials, the presentation system, graphic design, and linguistic elements. The trial was conducted using teaching materials in learning activities involving 10 students in limited trials, and 25 students in extensive trials. The implementation of teaching materials uses an experimental design of 109 students who are divided into three study rooms. Evaluation of effectiveness in terms of student learning outcomes. Data analysis techniques using descriptive statistical techniques. The results of the feasibility test or the validity of the construction of instructional materials indicate that the component content or material, the presentation system, graphics, language, and media components have met the ideal teaching material standards based on expert judgment.