Analysis of the Performance of Public Transportation Services in the Traffic Perspective of the City of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


  • Bambang Istianto ,Nico Djajasinga


Transportation, Public Transport, Transportation Operational Performance


The city of Bandung has a congestion problem that is of concern to the public. In terms of supporting the improvement and development of public services in the transportation sector, currently, there are 38 (thirty-eight) urban transportation routes that are spread across several strategic routes. Based on the field survey, it is known that the operational performance of public transportation in the city of Bandung is not optimsal enough in serving the public, especially on routes 03 and 06. Evaluation of Bandung city transportation performance is carried out to find the right solution to the problem for the creation of better public services. Qualitative methods with descriptive analysis were used in this study. This study indicates that routes 03 and 06 experience operational losses that need to be resolved immediately, the time between vehicles (headway) exceeds the standard that occurs on route 06. The waiting time for vehicles that are too long to exceed the middle appears on route 03.