Panggoba; Traditional Knowledge in The Planting Season Calendar of The Duhiadaa Pohuwato Gorontalo Indonesian Community


  • Yowan Tamu ,Pawennari Hijjang ,Ansar Arifin ,Safriadi


traditional, Gorontalo, culture.


The traditional and cultural peculiarities of Gorontalo culture are widely recognized. What's undeniable is the idea that people habitually conduct certain things and make certain transactions at certain times. Also known as the Gorontalo seasonal phenomena, this phenomenon causes various words such as "wedding season," "planting season," and "Hajatan season" to take place in Gorontalo. Inventory of this phenomena is an essential step in documenting the values held by the people of Gorontalo, and it is imperative that it be done to preserve those values for future generations. The preliminary study uses a social research technique to develop an inventory of Gorontalo's continuous local wisdoms, notably in regards to writing a document including a season calendar. After the completion of the production phase, the following stage involved an analysis of the draft for the season calendar document. Later in the project, the group wanted to construct a computer program that could be created in the form of an information system prototype, which had a local calendar module developed by the Gorontalo community using their local wisdom. Accessible for local, national, and worldwide communities as well as featuring geographical data visualizations, this application should be helpful in supporting documentation and digital publications. The goal is to maintain the cultural traditions of Gorontalo while helping to enrich modern life and the general culture.