E-Learning Learning Model to Improve the Quality of Student's French Master


  • Hesti Fibriasari ,Zuhri Ramadhan ,Nurilam Harianja ,Baharuddin ,Dina Ampera


E-learning, French Language LearningE-learning, French Language Learning


Information technology has a very large influence on the ease of access by using an internet connection. The facilities available with increasingly sophisticated facilities require educators to adapt to the situation and progress of the current era. Educators are required to be able to keep up with changes in learning methods and the use of increasingly sophisticated information technology-based media. The purpose of implementing the e-learning learning model for the French Language Education Study Program (PSPBP) Unimed to make students study sergeant (serious with relaxed). Students can carry out the learning process anywhere and anytime. Students can use laptops, tablets, or Android smartphones that are connected to the internet network. The learning process can be done at the same time or at different times. The method that will be used in this research is the research and development method (research and development) which is a research method used to produce certain products and test the effectiveness of the products developed. Further research in this third year, will be applied to the elearning learning model in the French Language Education Study Program (PSPBP).