The Shanxi Badatao in Shanxi Province, China


  • Hao Yantian ,Khomkrich Karin ,Weerayut Seekhunlio


Shanxi Badatao, Shenggua, percussion music


This is a qualitative investigation with the objective to study the Shanxi Badatao music in Shanxi Province China. Shanxi Badatao is a large-scale wind set in Wutai, Shanxi Province, China. It is one of the ancient Chinese music genres along with Xi'an drum music in Shaanxi Province and Beijing Zhihua Temple music. It includes seven sets of Shengguan sets and a set of Suona sets, Is the representative of traditional folk instrumental music sets with great influence in China. The repertoire comes from four types of music: ancient music, drama music, folk songs, and temple music. Performance occasions are generally temple events, weddings, funerals, temple fairs, leisure, and entertainment, etc. Among them, the 12 pieces of music that are clearly classified in Shanxi Badatao all have strong traditional music style characteristics. As wind music, unique music style is one of its most important signs. The tone of the instrument alternates light and dark, rich and vivid. At the same time, rhythm combination is also an obvious feature of this kind of music, and the expressive power of music makes them become the soul of wind and percussion music.