Integrating Landscape Ecology in Campus Planning: Recommendation for the future Physical development of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh


  • Gourpada Dey ,Mohammad Tanvir Hasan ,Abhijit Mazumdar ,Subrata Das


Campus Planning, Biodiversity, Landscape, Ecology, Development


The rich biophysical elements of Shahjalal University of science and technology (SUST) include diverse flora and fauna. These are the prominent landscape features that create the identity of the campus. Organically grown campus ecology needs to be conserved and design under a sweeping landscape ecological strategy to protect the existing biodiversity and the natural environment. Therefore, the research aims to identify the potential hotspots for biodiversity and the natural landscape of the campus. The existing and proposed land-use map has been investigated to generate different network diagrams to identify the possible impacts of future development works on campus ecology. The potential ecological conservation areas have been identified by analysing the open space network, green-blue network, and activity zones. The research concludes with a framework combining the scope of future extension and conservation strategy of existing landscape features.