Intensive Orientation English Course on Listening and Speaking Skills for BBA Students for Cooperative Education


  • Prapet Kraichan ,Kanjana Chanphram


intensive orientation, interview, BBA students


This research consisted of a semi-structured interview and the intensive orientation English course. The course was conducted for three-day activities with different training methods, 52 third-year students participated in the course. The students took a pre-test, and a post-test of the English proficiency test. An interview was analyzed and showed that the students were not good at English communication. The most difficult thing for them was a project presentation. The function of listening was mostly used for their supervisors' commands and customers' inquiries, and situations in daily life. Meanwhile, the function of speaking was mostly used for business communication to communicate with the people involved. The overall results of the post-test revealed that the students improved their listening and speaking skills after attending the training program. They enjoyed communicating with all the participants throughout the course. In conclusion, the course contents were effective and beneficial for the BBA students.