Hydromorphmetric Analysis of The Natural Properties of the Hadamr Basin Under Climate Change: Ayneh Valley as A Model


  • Maysoon Taha Mahmoud Al Saady


Wadi Ayneh, valley basins, water drainage network


The Wadi Ayneh basin is considered one of the important dry valley basins in the eastern desert of Iraq and due to the importance of the basin and the interest in the possibility of rehabilitating it; This study will present results and proposals based on the results of the morphometric and hydrological characteristics of the basin, and to study the morphometric properties of importance in the geomorphological and hydrological studies, as they express the relationships between the factors and erosion processes and the earth phenomena associated with them and arising from them and (morphometric characteristics) are quantitative geomorphological characteristics in their general sense, These are analytical methods that deal with the phenomena of the Earth's surface based on the data obtained from contour maps, satellite visuals and field study of the basin, such as the digital elevation data DEM, which are properties that can be relied upon in creating a geographical database for the basin, and then drawing the water drainage network as a morphometric natural phenomenon, This network has a relationship in determining the optimal land use in the basin, and one of the most important objectives of this study is to conduct a quantitative analysis of the characteristics of the water drainage network of the Wadi Ayneh basin and to know its hydrological importance.