Impact of lockdown during COVID-19 pandemic on the learning status of undergraduate and postgraduate students of Bangalore


  • Rosaline Suvarna Latha ,Sheeja Karalam


impact, health habits, COVID 19 pandemic, postgraduate


Background: The COVID 19 pandemic has created various impacts on every human's life. COVID 19 lockdown has provoked enormous changes in the education sector which in turn influences the student's life in many aspects. The scope of this study is to understand the impact in both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Aim: This study aims at incisively analyzing the impact of lockdown imposed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on graduate students of Bangalore. Method: It is an online survey that encompasses a structural questionnaire with open-ended questions created using Google Forms, which were sent across the students through social media platforms. Results: A total of 115 students from both undergraduate and postgraduate programs have participated in this survey. Simple percentage distribution was estimated to evaluate the pedagogy, opinion on educational decisions, modes of learning, socio-economic conditions, and problems pertaining to academia because of this pandemic. As per this analysis, 80.9% of students faced difficulty due to lockdown. 67% of students thought that their family's income will be affected by this pandemic. 68.7% of students felt stressed, depressed and 52.3% of students could not find a suitable environment in their home to study during this lockdown. When we see this pandemic in an optimistic light, it has created various opportunities such as Digital learning and adoption of new health habits.