The Buyi Folk Song in Guizhou Province, China


  • Zhang Di ,Khomkrich Karin ,Sayam Chuangprakhon


Buyi folksong,Guizhou province, etiquette occasions


The article combines the literature analysis method and the quantitative research method. To classify of Buyi folksong and study the characteristic of Buyi folksong in Guizhou Province, China. The data were mainly collected with observation, interview from fieldwork with the key informants and presented in the descriptive analysis format. The results were as follows: Studies have shown that Buyi folk songs can be divided into formal songs and informal songs (called "Da Ge" and "Xiao Ge" in China) according to the occasion and musical characteristics. The former is usually sung indoors and used for formal customs and etiquette occasions, usually use loud voice to sing; the latter is more common in outdoor, like mountains, villages etc., singing when men and women are in love, using false voice or a mixture of true and false. The original social functions of rituals, exorcism and enlightenment of the Buyi folk songs have been gradually weakened with the development of society, while the functions of etiquette, entertainment, and communication have been strengthened. The lyrics, melody, mode, and singing of the Buyi folk songs are distinctive in character, diverse, regional and inclusive.