The Guzheng Music in Henan Province, China


  • Hu Xiaoqian ,Khomkrich Karin ,Sayam Chuangprakhon


Hernan Province China, Henan Zheng, Guzheng artists


This is a qualitative investigation with the objective to study the Guzheng music in Hernan Province China. Henan Zheng music is centered on Nanyang area and is widely spread throughout Henan province. In this area, there are a wealth of cultural and historical materials for studying Zheng music. In Henan, the Zheng originally existed as an accompaniment instrument for rap art or opera performances. It played in band with other instruments, and later became a solo instrument independent from the ensemble. It has become an important group of the Chinese Guzheng art genre with its simple, enthusiasm, lively style and strong local style. This article combines document analysis and field investigation to analyze the reasons for the formation, music classification and characteristics of Henan Zheng Music, aims at more intuitive understanding of all aspects of the Henan Zheng music, enrich the relevant theoretical basis, guide the practice better. Through observation, audio and video recording, and interviews with local Guzheng artists in Henan, data was collected on the spot. The results of the study revealed that Henan Zheng music has its own unique style characteristics and performance techniques, we should have a deep understanding, combine theoretical knowledge in the process of practice, preservation, transmission and develop the Henan Zheng music.