The Current State of Teaching Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics in Secondary Schools in Kazakhstan


  • Kaiyngbayeva Zhadyra ,Shukayev Marat ,Kossanov Bagdat


combinatorics, Kazakhstan, mathematical statistics


The article is devoted to the current state of teaching elements of probability theory and statistics in the school course of mathematics in Kazakhstan. Questions of teaching methods, history of inclusion, problems of teaching probability theory and statistics in a general school course are considered. Programs and textbooks on the research topic are analyzed. Various forms, methods and means of teaching elements of probability theory in a school mathematics course are identified. The article presents the results of an experiment that allowed us to restore a complete and reliable picture of teaching elements of combinatorics, statistics and probability theory in general educational institutions of Kazakhstan. Some features of teaching an optional course in probability theory and mathematical statistics are considered, and the goals and objectives of this course are specified.