An Overview of the Current Educational Strategies for Women: A Prospective from Saudi Arabian vision 2030


  • Alhazmi, Amal Hassan; Kamarudin, Suzilawati


Saudi Arabia,current educational, limitations


Saudi Arabia is a diverse, unique culture consisting of religion, cultures and customs. Women's values and treatment in the Gulf countries, especially Saudi Arabia, have always been under the microscope. This study shade light on the significant changes that have taken place related to the status of women in Saudi Arabia in light of the vision 2030. One of the most critical points is the empowerment of Saudi women in several fields, particularly the education sector. With creating motivational initiatives for their more effective integration into society. This study discussed the social and political forces now and then that have impacted women empowerment in Saudi Arabia. The government's initiatives and efforts to empower Saudi women to engage more in society and thus economic development. With the limitations and suggestions for future research in this field.