Crime of Democratic Kampuchea Government Make Cambodia and Vietnam in the 20th Century


  • Pham Thi Hue; Luu Van Quyet; Nguyen Thi Kieu Tien


Kampuchea government, Democratic, Cambodian


In the twentieth century, the most brutal and strange regime in the history of human society-the Democratic Kampuchea government (the genocidal regime of Pol Pot- Ieng Sary's)- appeared. Established and only existing for a short time (1975-1979), however, the crimes committed by the Democratic Kampuchea government shocked not only the Cambodian people but also for the whole world. Neighboring countries, especially Vietnam, also had to bear the consequences of such crimes. Called "communists", Pol Pot - Ieng Sary's called the Cambodian people to make a "revolution" to set up a government and then massacre their own people in order to build "ideal society" full of illusion and childishness. Commenting on the crimes of Pol Pot - Ieng Sary's regime, Chairman of the National Assembly of the Kingdom of Cambodia Heng Samrin said: The Pol Pot genocidal regime is an unprecedented brutal regime in the world. Under the rule of this extremely barbaric regime, the Cambodian people had to endure countless sufferings, banned from freedom, and massacred. They use their own people to experiment mplementing their dark political doctrine. By clarifying the formation process of the Democratic Kampuchea government, the article focuses on explaining the crimes that this government has committed against the people of Cambodia and Vietnam. On that basis, the article answers the question why from the second half of the twentieth century, when human civilization has reached its peak, a cruel regime can still exist.