Cultural Assimilation in Community's Ritual TauLotang in Indonesia


  • St. Aminah ,Abdullah Tahir ,Muh. Jufri ,Hannani ,Firman ,Muhammad Aswad


cultivate,taulotang, community,


The people of WattangBacukiki, Parepare still believe in the "God of Sewwae" (The One True God). A belief before the advent of Islam. The believers are known as "To Lotang". The people of To Lotang believe that Bulu Roangnge mountain is where the first people came down on earth called "To Manurung". To Manurung was the forerunner of the kings who ruled the kingdom of Bacukiki. Therefore, at the end of January every year, To Lotang believers hold ritual services in Bulu Roangnge. The ceremony was held to get closer to the "Dewata Sewwae". This research is a type of descriptive qualitative research. The approach used in this study is qualitative holistic with the theological review, namely examining the religious behavior of society and community attitudes that are manifested in the form of culture. The results showed that the Muslim community WattangBacukiki still bequeathed the culture of tudangloangloma, mappalili and mappadendang. Tudangloang lama and mappalili done as a sign of starting a good time to cultivate. Mappadendang is implemented as a sign of gratitude to God because the rice harvest was successful.