A Bibliometrics Analysis of Management Control System


  • Putri Mutira ,Meutia ,Helmi Yazid ,Elvin Bastian


Bibliometric, Management Control System, Biblioshiny, R Package; VOS viewer


This article examines the leading publications from 1970 to 2021, focusing on the extent and impact of management control systems. The bibliometric analysis provides information about the publication trends of articles, key authors, cited references, institutions, and countries, as the field's scopes and impacts. Additionally, this paper discusses the Management control system's knowledge structure, including prominent themes, co-citations, and bibliographic networks. Bibliographic data were collected from articles published between 1970 and 2021 from the Scopus database on July 9th, 2021. The bibliographic information for 743 documents was analyzed using an open-source analysis tool. It specifically used the bibliometrics package in the R programming language and VOS viewer. These tools generated graphical representations of bibliographic data based on their co-occurrence, co-citation, and coupling. The findings indicate that the journal is growing its publication volume and reputation in the field, with 743 research articles indexed by Scopus to date. The study also provides a comprehensive understanding of past trends and forecasts a journal's future direction.