Mazu Festival of Meizhou Island, China: The Construction of Chinese Self-Identity in Modern Society


  • Ke Yihan ,Peera Phanlukthao ,Mateta Sirisuk


Mazu Festival, belief, modern society


Mazu belief is an important folk belief in China and even the world, with a history of more than a thousand years. As an important part of Mazu belief, Mazu Festival came into being with the emergence of Mazu belief, with a long history and rich connotation. The process of the ceremony of Mazu Festival includes people's expression of belief and interaction with belief, it is also an important way and expression for people to construct their self-identity. This article analyzes the role of important elements such as sacrificial offering, costumes and props, and sacrificial text in the ceremony of Mazu Festival. At the same time, it explains the significance of the ceremony of Mazu Festival in constructing Chinese self-identity in modern society.