Integration of RBL and CLR to Enhance Analytical Thinking Skills of Pre-Service Teachers


  • Montha Chumsukon ,Niraj Ruangsan


Analytical Thinking Skills, Research-Based Learning, Community Learning Resources, Pre-Service Teacher


This research aims to examine 1) analytical thinking skills of pre-service teachers by using research-based learning (RBL) and community learning resources (CLR), and 2) satisfaction of learning activities among the pre-service teachers. The one-shot case study was implemented in the research design. The research sample included 3rd year Social Studies students of Faculty of Education Khon Kaen University, (n =35). Research tools included 4 sets of a lesson plan, an evaluation form of student’s analytical thinking skills, and a satisfaction questionnaire. Descriptive statistics: Mean, Percentage, and Standard Deviation were applied to analyze the obtained data. Research results showed 1) positive development of analytical thinking skills of the students through RBL integrated with CLR. 28 students out of 35 students (80 percent) passed the test with an average score of 20.46 (75.79 percent). 2) Pre-service teachers had overall satisfaction in RBL integrated with CLR at a high level (x̅= 3.94, S.D. = 0.34).