Iraqi public trends toward American elections


  • Al-Saadi, Ali Sadiq; Al-Amri, Mohamed Hassan


Iraqi public, mation, US political interventions,American election


Given the need of the Iraqi public, with their different segments, to know what is happening in the world around them in terms of political events and issues, this study sought to identify the extent to which the Iraqi public relied on the means of communication in following up on one of the most important political events that took place in 2020, which is the electoral campaigns of the US presidential candidates, which is associated with the great influence power and the only pole of the world now, and its interest in it extended to the whole world, especially the Arab and local, especially we in Iraq affected by the results of those election campaigns as a result of the US political interventions locally and regionally for the Iraqi individual, that this study will depend on the approach of relying on the media, The basic idea of this approach is crystallized in that the recipient within modern societies depends on the media as sources of information that contribute to the for mation of his knowledge and orientations about what is happening in the community or other societies, where individuals obtain an enormous amount of information through the media that makes them more understanding and less anxious, as well as It helps them in directing their behavior and making their decisions. The changes that have affected the life of the modern person have made him very interested in what he should do It also imposed new patterns and more efficient methods of obtaining information, making the means of communication the main source of information on current events.