Marketing Strategy Model in Efforts to Maintain MSMEs during the Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Keni Kaniawati ,Rismayani ,Astri Maulidiany Putri ,Rani Rahmawati ,Keke Mustika ,Dwinada Fahra Nurahmadani


Social Media; Digital Marketing; Marketing strategy; MSME Performance


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) is the key to increasing growth, creating jobs, as a source of community income, meeting the needs of goods and services, increasing added value which ultimately affects economic growth. This study aims to explain how marketing strategies affect the performance of MSMEs so that they can survive the Covid-19 pandemic. The total sample that can be collected with a web-based design is 150 MSMEs from all over Indonesia. The analytical technique used is structural equation modeling (SEM). The results of the study prove that the marketing strategy has a significant effect on the business performance of MSMEs. However, this variable contributes a significant indirect influence with a level greater than the direct effect.