The Influence of Price, Product Quality, and Brand Image on Purchase Decisions for Ultra UHT Milk Products During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia


  • Adam Faritzal ,Via Nirwana Sari ,Citra Shofiyya Lestri ,Asyifa Gunawan Putri ,Biyan Raihan ,Reyhan Humam Wendhiarko


Price, Product Quality, Brand Image, Purchasing Decisions


This study aims to determine the effect of price, product quality, and brand image on purchasing decisions of UHT milk in Indonesia. The research method used in this research is by distributing questionnaires to all users of UHT milk products, using probability sampling technique or random sampling is a sampling technique carried out by providing opportunities or opportunities for all members of the population to become samples. This sample obtained is expected to be a representative sample. Using this technique because this study provides opportunities for all users of ultra-milk to be a sample of 97 respondents. This study uses the Multiple Linear Regression method which is directed to analyze the truth of the data to determine the effect between the independent variable and the dependent variable. The results of this study can be concluded that the variables of price, product quality, and brand image simultaneously have a significant effect on purchasing decisions as evidenced by the results of the simultaneous test (f test) and partial test (t-test).