Enterprise Architecture Design Analysis Using Togaf Framework for Business Process Support


  • Iwan Rijayana ,Akhmad Nizhami ,Rizkya Rachman ,Nanda Aditya Permana ,Devi Fitriah ,Muhammad Rama Sahputra


technology infrastructure,framework,enterprise


The need for the organization's technology infrastructure is currently very high because information technology is considered to be the solution to every problem in the organization. As in the company Top Bandung who have applied Information Technology in the activities of the organization, but what happens application of information technology is still not optimal and does not meet the requirements, so there are still problems in the operations that took place. Things like this can be caused by the design of the enterprise architecture is still not good, so there is no alignment between business processes with Information Technology. That requires good enterprise architecture planning, to be the answer to the problems that exist. TOGAF is a design methodology complete enterprise architecture. Stages of detail can help to determine the good development of information technology-based business processes and strategic plans of the company.