Politics Financial And tax in Iraq (A study Historical in the general budget for the fiscal year 1976)


  • Maitham Abdul Kuder Jabbar


politics financial, tax, budget


The research aims to study and analyze the impact of fiscal and tax policy on approving the public financial budget for the year 1976 for Iraq, and the research pointed to some components of the Iraqi economy, and the nature of imports coming from each sector. It was one of the best years that Iraq went through in terms of both economic and constructional terms in terms of the correct construction of the fiscal policy and the tax combination that the Iraqi government followed and followed, as well as the ratios achieved from financial imports, and directing most of them to building various economic sectors, this on the one hand, On the other hand, the course and movement of public expenditures is largely dependent on the movement of public imports. It is she who determines the final form of the public budget for the fiscal year 1976.