Press in Hilla After World War II, Al-Tawheed Magazine January 30-June 29, 1946 as a model (Historical Study)


  • Jabbar, Maitham Abdul Kuder


Hilla, World War II, Tawheed magazine


World War II period (1939-1945), which is considered one of the critical stages in its contemporary history. In the field of study and analysis of Al-Tawhid magazine, it is the great impact that the magazine had on the Iraqi society in particular and the Iraqi The press, whether local or international, is a fertile field and one of the tributaries of modern and contemporary historical studies, and because of its importance in documenting historical, political and social events that it has witnessed and in a systematic way that is almost solid in terms of analysis and conclusion, many researchers and scholars have taken it and rely on it in their writings in The various magazines, and based on the foregoing, Al-Tawhid Al-Hilia magazine is one of the Iraqi magazines that chronicled with great care many of the events that Iraq went through during the post society in general for its handling of various literary, political and cultural topics. Since its establishment, it has begun to address all local events related to Iraq in general, or In the Hilla Brigade in particular, the topic of the research was divided into two sections. The first topic discussed the signs that the local press experienced after the First World War, and then we were exposed to the reasons that called Mr. Hadi Hamad Kamal al-Din to issue the Tawheed magazine in the city of Hilla on the thirtieth of January - Up to the eighteenth of February 1946, in which we stopped at the most important issues that the magazine dealt with during the first phase of its issuance. As for the second topic, it sheds light on the most important international and local events that had a great impact on the international community and the local community alike.