The Effectiveness of the Lesson Study Strategy on Classroom Practices Among University Students


  • Dr. Turki Al Masaeid ,Dr. Wayne Fabian James ,Dr. Sunder Ramachandran ,Dr. Ayman Ramadan Zahran


effectiveness, experimental approach, questionnaires


The current study is aimed at verifying the effectiveness of applying the Lesson Study Strategy in classroom practices for a sample of (45) university students, both male and female. In addition to investigating views of twenty-four faculty members on the effectiveness of the lesson study strategy to improve the classroom practices of university students, the study depended on the semi-experimental approach based on one group, and the descriptive approach through faculty members' views about Lesson Study Strategy. Two questionnaires of classroom practices for faculty members and the university students have been prepared. Findings indicated that there are statistically significant differences between the pre and post applications in favor of the post application in the questionnaire of classroom practices for university students after applying the lesson study strategy. Findings also indicated that there is an agreement of faculty members about the effectiveness of the lesson study strategy in improving classroom practices for the university students.