Facebook Relationship with Promoting Public Health Awareness of the Corona Pandemic: A Survey on Facebook Users


  • Zahraa Husein Jabar ,Ghalib Kadhim Chyad


promoting public, investigating, exaggeration


The present study aims at identifying the role of Facebook in promoting public health awareness towards the Corona pandemic, and detecting the methods and approaches used in Facebook to enhance this awareness. Moreover, the study aims at uncovering the sources of information adopted by Facebook users regarding Corona pandemic and investigating the extent of the public confidence in it, especially when it comes to information about the pandemic. The researcher uses the descriptive approach as well as a survey for a sample of Facebook users. The sample is chosen through a non-probability sampling technique (Snowball) with (295) users. The researcher reached a number of conclusions, the most important of which are as follows: 1. Users depend on Official as well as Public Facebook pages in obtaining information about the Corona pandemic. Their main focus was on Public Pages. 2. Facebook always uses 'exaggeration and intimidation' in treating topics regarding the Corona Pandemic. Some users see that these treatments were assuring, for the fact that the goals of Facebook publishing regarding the Corona pandemic were preventive goals. 3. Users see that Facebook posts help in promoting health awareness of the Corona pandemic.