The journey of the Franciscan Odoric De Bordenone and Ibn Battuta to China (8th century AH / 14th AD)


  • Suaad Hadi Hassan Al-Taai


Travel, merchants, city, fish, markets, mountains


The study of travels is considered as of one of the most important historical studies, as it has attracted the interest of researchers and historians for its valuable, accurate and important information at the same time. Its information was characterized by its credibility and accuracy more than others, as its narrator is an eyewitness to the historical event. The Journey of the Frenciscan Odoric De Pordenone (D. 731 AH / 1331 AD), and Ibn Battuta (D. 771 AH / 1369 AD) to China occupied an important place between the travels, as both of them described a number of Chinese cities accurately. Their information included most of economic, social and scientific aspects of life and also people’s conditions, characteristics, standard of living, religion, rituals, clothing, etc., as well as the cities ‘size, location, wealth, rivers, markets, and currencies. Both journeys complement each other and every one of them is similar to the other in several ways, which confirms their credibility in transmitting information, observations and details of their two travels.