Volume 10, Issue 4, Winter 2020


Editorial (Contents, Editorial Commissions, Indexing, Reviewer List for Volume 10) Eyüp Artvinli


Teacher Candidates’ Views about Land Art in Geographical Education
Cengiz KAYACILAR, Ayten KARACA / Researh Article
Students’ Perceptions about the Use of Minimalist Robotic Games in Geography Education.
Soon Singh BIKAR, Sabariah SHARIF, Rosy TALIN, Balan RATHAKRISHNAN /Research Article
Geographical Education in Primary School Curriculum in Turkey Between 1923-2018
Nihal YILDIZ YILMAZ, Ali MEYDAN / Research Article

Book Review

Why Study Geography?
Author: Alan PARKINSON / UK; Reviewer: Professor David LAMBERT / UK
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