Submit a Manuscript

  1. Step: It is compulsory to have ORCID Number to publish in RIGEO. Apply for it here if you don’t have one .
  2. Step: Prepare your paper only as Microsoft Word File. (and include all figures and tables inside of the text).
  3. Step: Please download this “Sample Paper” to prepare your manuscript easily but don’t change any feautures of word file.
  4. Step: Be careful not to write your name/surname, institution and biography info into your manuscript.
  5. Step: You should also remove properties and personal information of your word file. Click here to learn how to do it.
  6. Step: If you have any problem to prepare your manuscript please check Guidelines for Authors
  7. Step: Register (if you are not yet) to the “RIGEO Dergipark System” as an author. Click here to register and/or submit your manuscript .