The Legal Education Experience during COVID- 19 Pandemic


  • Anan Shawqi Younes ,Ahmad Hussein Alsharqawi


Educational institutes, temporary lockdown, educational activities


Pandemic caused by COVID-19 affected the education system worldwide. All educational institutes felt to stop for a moment and develop a strategy to tackle the situation effectively. It was made clear by the government that whatever decision schools take; they must not call students to the institutes and obey a temporary lockdown. When the situation prolonged, schools were left with no choice but to switch to remote learning. The idea was to continue their educational activities while maintaining the standards as much as possible. Legal education is one of the most sought-after fields of education worldwide, also felt the impacts of this pandemic and made certain changes to its teaching and administrating strategies to go about the situation. Teachers and other faculty members at law schools were pushed to change their methods and approaches to deliver quality education using digital platforms. In this article, the challenges posed by the pandemic to law schools and the impacts of these challenges on the teaching practices are discussed. Both positive and negative sides of the pandemic effects are analysed. Moreover, future impacts are also predicted based on established research.