Internal Development And Self-Improvement Of A Teacher As A Necessary Component Of His Professional Skills


  • Dilovar Dilovarowish Kssalimullin ,Vladislav Vladimirovich Dragulenko ,A.G .Polyakova ,Elena Mikhailovna Kiseleva


Internal development and self-improvement, professional skills, controversial situations, pedagogical intuition


The article examines the features of the internal development and self-improvement of the teacher, acting as a necessary component of his professional skills. Special attention is paid to the pedagogical tact that underlies the work of any teacher. It is this quality, first, that determines the degree of possibility of establishing the necessary contacts when communicating with students and colleagues, since trust in the teacher and respect for his personality is impossible without the organization of participation and mutual understanding. Especially important in this context is the teacher's ability to solve complex pedagogical tasks, in the process of which it is often necessary to act intuitively. The teacher's intuition also has a certain special character, since it should be based on the professionalism of the teacher, on the peculiarities of his personality, which is capable not only of finding and implementing the optimal solution to controversial situations, but also of reflection, which allows you to predict the consequences of such a decision and their impact on the students and trainees Accordingly, the internal development and self-improvement of a teacher should be a continuous process aimed at a constant pedagogical search for internal reserves within the framework of solving pedagogical tasks and optimizing communication in the pedagogical process, taking into account pedagogical intuition.