Critical Assessment of the Productive Waqf Innovation Linkage Literature: Lessons for Waqf Asset Management Institutions in Indonesia


  • Nurul Iman ,Adi Santoso ,Edi Kurniawan


Productive Waqf Innovation; cash waqf; professional waqf; stock waqf; Waqf intellectual property rights


This article describes the results of a survey of literature related to waqf, especially productive waqf innovations in Indonesia. The data found related to waqf literature include that waqf of immovable property, waqf of movable property other than money and large cash waqf have become the scope of research from these works of literature. In the sample, it is known that the most popular theme raised in research related to waqf is cash waqf for waqf research from 2015 to 2020. The literature used uses empirical and normative approaches. The direct benefit of this research is that it becomes a reference and benefit for the waqf and wakif managers regarding the direction of the development of waqf nowadays and becomes a research direction for further researchers.