Investigating the Impact of Influencers’, Characteristics, Contents, and Trustworthiness on Consumers’ Purchase Intention


  • Kholod Khalid Aggad ,Fauziah Sh Ahmad ,Suzilawati Kamarudin


Influencer characteristics, trustworthiness, Smart PLS, fashion brands


This study aims to measure the effect of influencer characteristics, content by influencer, and trustworthiness of influencer on consumers’ purchase intention along with mediating role of brand attitude in Saudi Arabia. A crosssectional study design was used to collect data from 260 random customers from different shopping malls in Saudi Arabia. The data analysis was performed using structural equation modeling with Smart PLS. The results show that characteristics of influencer, content by influencer, and brand attitude positively affect consumers’ purchase intention. In contrast, the trustworthiness of influencer does not affect consumer purchase intention. In contrast, brand attitude mediates the relationship between content by influencer, the trustworthiness of influencer, and consumers’ purchase intention while it negatively mediates the relationship between influencer and consumers’ purchase intention. The findings of this study can support fashion brands marketers to identify the compelling social media influencer personality to promote their products to develop the brand attitude and generate maximum revenue.