Trend of Youtube Kids as E-Learning Media for Toddlers: Systematic Literature Review


  • Edi Purnomo Putra ,Lay Christian ,Hanny Juwitasary


Toddlers, entertaining and learning platform, youtube kids


Technology for toddlers growing fast, especially in entertaining and learning platform. In this generation, it is very unlikely that children are aware of tablets, smartphones, and laptops. So many parents in the world let their children use a smartphone, tablet, or their laptop whether its for entertaining or for learning purpose. This study arises cause concern in parenting in learning via YouTube. We conduct a systematic literature review to search the variable that related to the issue of youtube kids as e-learning media for toddlers. We review and read more than 80 paper articles then selected appropriate studies related to our research, we found 3 important issues related to youtube kid as e-learning media for toddlers such as content restrictions, the effect of cognitive enhancement, and motivation to watch youtube kid. We group papers based on existing issues and mapping research variables with existing issue categories. We discuss all the variables that exist in each issue in the previous research that need to be considered. The results of this study are capturing important indicators to consider in developing E-Learning media, especially video learning technology such as youtube kid based on the conclusions of previous research.