Pedestrian Condition and The Social Marketing: Digital Marketing of Pedestrian in social media


  • Irmawan Rahyadi


Social marketing, broadcasting, civil society


This article explores the concept of ‘social marketing’ as an analytical entry point for understanding how rights and safety of pedestrian is marketed to promote behavioural change to yield the right way to pedestrians on the sidewalks of Indonesia. Three most noticeable Instagram accounts in front line of the cause are studied with 3805 posts. At the same time, we utilized content analysis to observe implementation of social marketing elements to evaluate the different applications. The result shows that the platform was mainly used for broadcasting how public misused the sidewalks and undervalued the right of pedestrians. This civil-led social marketing also exploited repost-content to promote the right of pedestrian on sidewalk. This research only explored one of the social media platforms so it will have different findings for future research to look at other social media. The paper gives a new meaning of social marketing in digital platform. Learning from the findings can support other social causes to make a change. This study is one of the first to investigate how civil society in Indonesia utilized Instagram as a way to market a social awareness. It specifies the social media contexts under which social marketing is most likely to be performed in Indonesia.