Developing Japan Insights To The Students Of Sma Taruna Bakti Bandung


  • Dinda Gayatri Ranadireksa ,Aan Amalia ,Hety Nurohmah ,Felicia Aprilani ,Abdul Latif


Japan, Interest, High School


Japanese language, both in high school and high school (SMA), is a cross-interest subject that is given from the beginning to the end of the education period. This is in accordance with the national curriculum issued by the Ministry of National Education. Thus the ability to communicate in Japanese is seen as important to improve the quality of graduates. High school graduates will not only receive a graduation certificate but also other competency certificates including Japanese. The benefits of Japanese for students can be as a provision to continue their studies as well as additional abilities to enter the world of work. In response to this, the Japanese Language Study Program at Widyatama University Bandung as an institution that has the aim of developing and introducing Japanese language and culture is moved to provide knowledge of Japanese language and culture to high school students through Community Service (PKM) activities. This Community Service Activity (PKM) will be held online in the form of a webinar with the theme "Developing Japanese Insights for High School Taruna Bakti Bandung Students". The participants of the webinar are students of the Senior High School Taruna Bakti Bandung, Class 3 Social.