The Influence of Digital Transformation on Leadership


  • Darwis Agustriyana ,Antonius Setyadi


Digitalization, Digital transformation, Strong leadership


In this era of digitalization, almost all sectors must strive for the digitization process as a tool to survive, or be sustainable. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have run out due to being late in adapting to these changes. Digital transformation is the most realistic choice for now, because with the Covid -19 pandemic, companies and organizations must immediately change their business strategies to be digital-based. This is due to changes in human life that are increasingly limited, but the pattern of needs is increasingly complex and increasing. With the limitation of physical activities, especially to prevent the spread of the pandemic, the only way is to try to digitize the business model to make it easier for customers to reach. Strong leadership as well as fulfilling a person with all the indicators of leadership style, is one of the biggest factors of digital transformation. A strong leadership character is the biggest asset in the digital transformation process. This research method uses a literacy and description approach. The extent to which a company's and or organization's digital transformation strategy affects leadership or even leadership affects the acceleration of digital transformation.