The Influence Of Lifestyle, Hedonic Motivation, And Sales Promotion On Impulse Buying


  • SA. Pratminingsih ,N Hayati ,Pipin Sukandi ,Rima Rahmayanti ,R.A. Drajat Aji Sujai ,Yunata Kandhias Akbar


Life style, hedonic motivation, sales promotion, impulse buying.


The aim of this research is to identify the impact of of lifestyle, hedonic motivation, and sales promotion on impulse buying. The examination employs a quantitative approach. A total of 150 respondents act as the sample of this study. The data were collected using the accidental sampling technique and were analyzed using multiple linear regression. The results of the investigation indicate that the three variables (lifestyle, hedonic motivation, and sales promotion) affect impulse buying. The results show the t-value higher than 0.05, indicating the acceptances of the three hypotheses proposed. In addition, this study also emphasizes the business people in search of sustainability to always adjust product trends and improve sales ability in conducting promotions so as to obtain good marketing performance. The limitation of this study is that 150 respondents were obtained and carried out in the city of Bandung. It is recommended to conduct other surveys in different geographic areas and expand the sample size for further research to increase the reliability of the findings.