The Effect of Service Quality and Tourist Satisfaction on Consumer Loyalty of Hotels X In the New Normal Era


  • Adjeng Mariana Febrianti ,Ananda Rizky Naufal ,Gittus Nalyo Sunputra ,Faiz Zulfa Naufal ,Chandra Maulana Sidik ,Viana Rizkita Tulinda


Tourism industry, foreign and domestic, city of Bandung


The development of the tourism industry today is one of the most important sources of income for a country. This is because tourism is one of the potential drivers of the national economy. The city of Bandung is one of the cities that has earned the nickname of a tourism city that is fairly high. Given the large number of tourists, both foreign and domestic, causing a high demand for accommodation so that more and more hotel developments in the city of Bandung. along with this, technology and information become one of the tools where consumers can provide an assessment of the hotel for dissatisfaction with a service. The tourists, both foreign and domestic, of course want more service from the hotel where they live. This study tries to examine the effect of service quality and tourist satisfaction on loyalty to hotel X in the city of Bandung. This research is also proposed for the existence of gaps where many problems are found with the current service quality. The results of this study indicate that service quality and satisfaction are the most important things that can increase the loyalty of tourists. This result is also based on the statistical results of the determination coefficient of 66.4%, this indicates that the importance of the quality of service provided is to keep the company competitive, especially in the hospitality industry.