The Use of Language in Social Media and Legal Protection for Global Product Marketing Strategy


  • Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha ,Nurul Hermina ,Nina Nurani ,Andhi Sukma ,Farida Nursjanti


Language, Social Media, Legal Protection, Digital Marketing, Marketing strategy.


Language is an important thing in legal science, because the product law is made by using language, both in spoken or writing. The law functions as the protection of human interests. In order to protect human interests, the law must be implemented, Indonesia itself has guaranteed consumer protection. This rule is important considering the number of consumers Indonesia is a big country, then the rules must be detailed and clear explain the protection of Indonesian consumers so that it does not happen losses to Indonesian consumers, their rights can be fulfilled and reduce consumer disputes. The use of language in social media is currently a concern of linguists, both in Indonesia and in other countries. This is due to the influence of social media which is considered inappropriate for the development of the national language in each country because its application does not refer to the standard grammar that has been determined. The non-use of language in social media is caused by technology itself and is influenced by culture, regional languages, and language absorption in other social media from foreign languages that so massively affect the national language. People who like social media, of course, are already fluent with various new vocabulary or non-standard or standard abbreviations that are often used when interacting through social media. Information technology development and marketing through digital marketing which is predicted to be a technical change point marketing a product of goods from marketing conventionally switching to using digital marketing, not only on the marketing element but will have an impact on All is well a business that has gone big and national and Small and Medium Enterprise (SME),