Building a Digital Library in a Manufacturing Company


  • Aminudin, S.T., M. Kom ,Egi Abinowi, S.T., M. Kom


Documents, Archives, Libraries, Information Technology, Digital


Every company, both government and private, which runs business activities, cannot be separated from document recording/archiving. Documents are created to record everything related to various activities ranging from attendance data, purchase data, sales data, financial data, audit data, training data and others. Good documentation and archiving will make it easier for each section to be audited by both internal auditors and external auditors. With good documentation management, ideas, ideas and thoughts that have been done previously will be stored and can be reopened when needed. The rapid development of information technology has a positive impact on document storage/archiving methods. Currently, document storage/archiving can be overcome by changing the form of paper printed documents into digital form and stored on storage media. In manufacturing companies, currently there are still many companies that archive documents by storing them in their respective departments so that the availability of shelves in that department increases and this has an impact on the availability of space. So that document access can be done centrally, archiving is needed like a library. Documents that need to be archived at manufacturing companies include SOPs, production data, sample test data, ISO data, customer audit data, supplier audit data, training data, book/reference data and others.