Application Of Process Control Statistics On Aircraft Rib Products


  • Agatha Rinta Suhardi ,Puji Lestari ,Nurfadilah Siregar


Quality control, defective products, control chart.


A company cannot be separated from consumers and the products it produces. Consumers certainly hope that the goods they buy will be able to meet their needs and desires so that consumers expect that these products have good and guaranteed conditions. This study aims to analyze product quality control using control charts in statistical process control methods for Rib products. The analytical method used is to make a control chart c which is used to analyze products that have defects or non-conformities that can still be repaired and samples that are constant. Equipped with check sheets, Pareto diagrams, and cause and effect diagrams. From the analysis using a causal diagram, it can be seen that the main factor causing disability is the human factor so that companies can take preventive and corrective actions to reduce product mismatches and improve product quality.