“Location, Atmosphere Store In Determining The Community’s Visit Intention To The 'Pasar Baru' Shopping Center Bandung”


  • Mariana Rachmawati ,Mohd Haizam Saudi ,Obsatar Sinaga


Public entertainment, Consumptive nature, PASAR BARU


The need for public entertainment today makes companies compete to build a shopping and tourist center. Currently, many people have a consumptive nature, this is used by companies to continue to create innovations in various products and services so that they are able to meet consumer needs and make consumers feel satisfied. However, a good location and store atmosphere has not been able to be an indicator of supporting interest in the Bandung City Community to visit intention The ‘PASAR BARU’ Shopping Center. The purpose of this research is to obtain the results of a study of the location, store atmosphere and buying interest, as well as to obtain the results of an analysis of the location and store atmosphere of The ‘PASAR BARU’ Shopping Center. The research method used is descriptive, verification and quantitative approaches to examine more deeply about the variable of visit intention The ‘PASAR BARU’ Shopping Center. Descriptive methods are used to describe or analyze a research result but are not used for broader conclusions. Verification method is a research that aims to determine the relationship between two or more variables. From the results of the research, location partially has no significant effect on visit Intention., while the store atmosphere partially has a significant effect on visit intention in the city of Bandung.