Comparison Of Π Shape and T Shape Junction Mikrostrip 3db For Coastal Radar Application


  • Yudi Barnadi ,Rozahi Istambul


Hybrid Coupler 3 Db, Substrat, Work Frequency


The 3 dB or Quadrature (90-degree) hybrid coupler 3 dB has an important role in various RF systems such as transmitters, receivers, matrix Butlers, signal processing circuits, data communications, phase shift, power coupling and power beam sampling applications. The standard hybrid coupler basically has drawbacks, including having limited band characteristics where the impedance bandwidth is 10% and has a large size or dimension. This 3 dB coupler is generally used stand-alone and connected to other components using RF cables. Besides, it is also used in conjunction with other microwave circuits such as amplifiers, mixers, and power dividers. To determine the overall system performance, it is necessary to design and simulate the coupler device. works at a working frequency of 3 GHz using Glass Epoxy (FR4) substrate. which has a dielectric constant of 4.3 with a thickness of 1.3 mm. The design was carried out with the help of the CST 2020 simulation software. In this study, a comparison of the 3db microstrip isolation values was carried out which had different shapes, namely the J shape and the t shape junction. where both have an output of -3dB and a phase difference of 90°.