Profile Video Design of Film & Television Study Program as a Promotional Media & Persuasion on Prospective Students of Widyatama University


  • Kenmada Widjajanto ,Marisa Astuti


video profile, promotion, Film & Television Study Program, FISIP Widyatama, prospective students


In this new media era, video platforms have become a strategic part of promotional activities. Through videos, promotional activities of an organization such as higher education institutions, can contribute to massively spreading the organization's profile through various new media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Websites and video sharing platforms such as Youtube. Video content is considered more attractive and interesting because it contains audio and visual content and is considered easier to understand. As an educational institution, the Film and Television (FTV) Study Program of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIP) at Widyatama University views the importance of having a promotional video or profile video to provide information about the study program's profile and at the same time as a medium of persuasion to prospective students or of high school or vocational school graduates, who have the desire to continue their education in the applied sciences of cinematography or film and television production. Therefore, welcoming the new academic year 2021 – 2022, FTV Study Program of FISIP Widyatama University decided to produce a profile video containing the profile of the FTV study program and its activities, which were produced by lecturers in collaboration with students. The purpose of making the profile video is to provide information about the profile of the FTV Study Program with interesting content, to high school and vocational high school graduates in various regions in West Java and Indonesia. The target of making the profile video for the FTV Study Program is to make prospective students choose the FTV Study Program as their choice of further education. Therefore, the strategy taken by the FTV Study Program is to produce a video profile of the FTV Study Program before the announcement of the graduation of high school and vocational high school students, which is used as promotional and persuasive content for the marketing team of Widyatama University both offline and online.