“Gurilem Nyi Iteung” Logo and Packaging Label Design


  • Annisa Bela Pertiwi ,Muhammad Rafi Maulana


Logo, packaging, snacks, West Java


Gurilem Nyi Iteung is a "Usaha Kecil Menengah" (UKM) with snack food products, originating from the city of Bandung. The product is a snack called "gurilem" from West Java. Gurilem is a cracker made from tapioca flour, long, seasoned with salt, chili, onions, and other spices. Some people call this gurilem as worm cracker, because it has a long shape like a worm. Gurilem Nyi Iteung was established to introduce gurilem crackers, which are a typical food of West Java, to the public. This UKM has the aspiration to become a leading brand in Indonesia that produces snack products with a distinctive West Java taste made from selected spices. To improve the image of Gurilem Nyi Iteung's products, it is necessary to design a company logo that can support the appearance of product packaging so that in the future it can compete with its competitors. This paper discusses a project to design a logo and packaging label for UKM Gurilem Nyi Iteung. The logo design is in the form of a logotype made with a minimalist design style to describe Gurilem Nyi Iteung's products. While the packaging label is designed using a minimalist design style by displaying product photos, font type and two main colors that symbolize the taste variants of the product. The method used in this paper uses qualitative analysis to produce descriptive data. The process of designing Gurilem Nyi Iteung logo and packaging labels, was carried out through interviews, observations and literature studies covering the brand philosophy of "Gurilem Nyi Iteung", UKM products, UKM target markets, to facilitate the process of designing appropriate logos and packaging labels. The results of Gurilem Nyi Iteung's logo and packaging design are closer to the UKM theme both conceptually and visually, it should be able to increase the image of the product to a better level, and meet the customer needs. In addition, with a good logo and packaging, it is hoped that this Gurilem Nyi Iteung product can be known by the people of Bandung City, so that consumers are able to know the taste of the product.