How to Satisfy Your Clients as an Interpreter


  • Dinda Gayatri Ranadireksa ,Aan Amalia


interpreter, user, industry


The more and more Japanese investors are coming to Indonesia has made interpreters play a big role as the communication bridge between the two nations, especially for the industry sector. However, to become interpreters in this field is not that easy. There are many problems that Japanese language interpreters have to face, and those will only be known by them who really work directly there. For examples some interpreters do not know the special terminology in a factory, the speaker of source language (SL) speaks too fast, or some interpreters cannot speak correct sentence grammatically. Therefore, I chose a theme titled “How to Satisfy Your Clients as an Interpreter” in order to know the criteria of interpreter that user needs, and also to know what kind of problems faced by the interpreters in industrial field. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. By analyzing the data, it can be said that the criteria of interpreters that users need are not based on his/her degree, but what more important is having the JLPT certification, working experiences, interpersonal skill, discipline and general knowledge. Problems that usually are faced by interpreters are problems of lack of understanding the content, nervous, the speaker’s way of talking is too fast, unclear speaker’s language, concentration distraction such as noisy voice, weakness to remember words, and lack of general knowledge.