Coffee Business Development Model


  • Keni Kaniawati ,Nela Nuri ,Obsatar Sinaga ,Roeshartono Roespinoedji


Entrepreneurship, Business Plan, Management, SWOT Analysis, Timmons Models


The growth of the caffe business by serving coffee drinks as a highlight makes the coffee business more promising. Many of the cafe entrepreneurs are looking for coffee producers that are easily accessible with the best price and quality. But the problem in the field is the lack of coffee producers who produce specialty coffee. Because even if there are prices that are quite expensive and products that are not too famous. Based on the facts in the field, the writer sees an opportunity in the business of coffe java preangen specialty production. In this study the author tries to examine how much opportunity is owned by Haluankopi business in starting a business. In his research, researchers used descriptive exploratory analysis methods with more data collection techniques by conducting interviews with several sources, and study literature to adjust between the facts in the field with the concept of management. As for business planning, the Timmons model and Porter five force model are used as a feasibility study. The results of the study based on the Timmons feasibility study showed that TOW has high potential for market, financial, competitive advantage, management team and strategy differentiation variables. Thus the authors conclude that the bow course deserves to be a promising business. However, due to the limited availability of coffee from farmers, the authors suggest that in the future create a coffee plantation in the future to maintain the supply of raw materials.